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We are a family owned business in the heart of Northern Maine. I Own Dri-Ki Woodworking ,and I will be the one personally hand making your paddles should you decide to buy from us. By making the paddles myself it helps to keep the quality up and costs down. It is why we can offer our paddles at such a good price. My wife takes care of the office ,phones ,computers and the children and, with a few years experience in this business herself, even works in the shop from time to time. In other words she takes care of the hard stuff!

I worked making paddles for Porters woodworking or JMC corp. as it is called at times for over 20 years. Porters woodworking had a fire which destroyed one of their buildings. After everything was sorted out they decided to move their operation from Patten to Millinocket ,Maine a hour drive from were I live. This is when I decided to go out on my own.

I was taught how to make paddles by Raymond Porter, the original owner of Porters woodworking. I’ve made canoe paddles of many types and styles for years, out of many types of wood like Maple ,Cherry and poplar, but I would have to say White ash is the best, most durable wood for the weight, to make a canoe paddle out of. Most of our paddles weigh in at less then 2 pounds .

We are currently making our paddles out of White ash, but if demand dictates, we will offer them in other types of wood in the future. We only buy premium white ash logs, which are sawed on the premises by me with our portable saw mill. Once the wood has been dried it’s ready for the manufacture of our paddles. We make paddles from 6” up to 8” blades, with differing handle types and lengths.

We do offer other products like canoe yolks, thwarts and transoms’. We are now making webbed and caned canoe seats and motor mounts. Please call or email for pricing.


Dri-Ki Woodworking   576 Shin Pond Road   Patten, Maine  04765
Contact us by phone at (207)528-2573 between the hours of 7:00am and 4:30pm EST Mon-Fri.
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